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SERVPRO of North Tempe Gets Impressive Results Removing Graffiti

Trained Technicians In Tempe Remove Graffiti SERVPRO of North Tempe was called to this Tempe, AZ apartment complex for a commercial graffiti clean up. Using pro... READ MORE

Trained Professionals Restoring Water Damage

Commercial and residential properties suffer from damage frequently. This home suffered from water damage created by a large storm. Storm damage can be trickie... READ MORE

Standing Water

This commercial property's hallway floor shows signs of water damage. In many cleaning and restoration situations immediate action is required. SERVPRO of North... READ MORE

Vacuum Working At It

This homes kitchen was torn up due to a water leak. Our water damage restoration methods are completed in six steps. Our crew made wall cuts and removed the pad... READ MORE

Don't Let The Water Supply Line To Your Refrigerator Turn Your Kitchen Into A Mold Mess

Water damage in Tempe, AZ. The supply line that gives you ice each day is one of the most common water damages we see. The line often is broken from moving the ... READ MORE

Supply line break problems in Tempe, AZ

The supply line malfunction is the most common problem when it comes to water damage. There are supply lines in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and utility... READ MORE

Storm Preparation Tips

It’s important to take time and secure your home if there is a storm warning in Tempe, AZ. Preparing your home for a storm will help keep insurance and re... READ MORE

Can mold grow in my home after a storm?

Heavy rains and flooding are some of the main reasons for a home water damage. When it rains heavily in Tempe, AZ, there is a chance that flooding will occur an... READ MORE

When to call SERVPRO of North Tempe

A storm damage problem is exactly when you should call a mitigation company. Storm damage due to flooding or rain should be cleaned up by the professionals. SER... READ MORE

Roof Damage from Tempe Storms

Maybe the rooftop was harmed after a tree fell during the storm. Maybe some shingles flew off or the gutter was clogged causing water to come through the roof. ... READ MORE